Basic Grooming

Finding the right groomer to care for your loved one can be a difficult decision. It is important that the person you choose for this task is caring and pays attention not only to the groom, but also to the psychological well being of your pet! For some pets, grooming is a traumatic experience, and our staff understands that and will work with you to make this as comfortable of an experience as possible, for you and for your pet. If we are unable to proceed with the services requested due to the pets temperament, we will offer other options to try.

The convenience of having some grooming available at Alta View, makes it incredibly convenient, we can add on to any appointment you have (appointment with the doctor or while your pet is here boarding). Schedule an appointment, or have us take care of it during your pet's kenneling and save a trip, our staff will work with you to maximize your time!

The grooming services we offer are:

  • Brush out
  • Bath
  • Blow dryer
  • Nail Trim
  • Nail cap application
  • Some basic mat removals
  • Internal Anal gland Expression 

We require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccine for these grooming appointments. 

We do not offer professional hair cuts. Though we do offer "Lion Cuts"or "Full shave downs" please call for more information to find out if this is recommended for your pet. 

Ear Cleanings are only offered if approved by the Veterinarian. Ear canals are extremely sensitive and highly prone to infections, therefore we do not offer "tech appointment" ear cleanings. If you note your pet's ear(s) are red, inflamed, itchy, irritated, smelly, AND/OR your pet shaking their head, please call to schedule an appointment with the doctor as these could be signs of an infection. 

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