Curbside Care

In response to recent COVID-19 concerns, we are writing to assure our clients that we are taking recommended precautions while still providing essential patient care.

To continue to keep staff, clients, and patients as safe as possible, we are currently only offering Curbside Care. 

What this means is only clinic staff and patients are allowed inside, for now. Please park by a orange cone and call the clinic to check in. Once you're checked in by one of the Client Care Representative, the doctor will call you to get a history and go over any questions/concerns you may have. Then after the phone call with the doctor, the assistant will come to your vehicle to bring your pet inside. However, we allow clients to bring their pets to door if this makes it a bit more comfortable for you and your pet. 

Exceptions will be made for owners bringing in their pets for euthanasia. In these cases, owners will be allowed in the clinic. For euthanasia cases, up to 2 adults are allowed inside with masks on. 

Masks are required while interacting with the staff and doctors. 

 Although our communication methods will be altered, be assured that pets will still be examined by the veterinarian and patient care in the clinic will be provided by our team as usual. We are doing this in order to continue to provide excellent care to your pets while protecting our valued clients, our staff and all of our families.

We hope to soon open up our clinic. We will keep all our clients informed with any up coming changes via an email. Please continue to have kindness and patience during these strange times. While we all hope to have in person appointments, we have our patients, clients, and staff well being in mind. If a staff member becomes COVID positive we would, unfortunately, have to shut down the entire clinic for 2 weeks, making Alta View unavailable for sick patients, medications/food requests, & current appointments already scheduled for those weeks.

A trip to the veterinary with one’s pet can be a stressful situation under ideal conditions, but with the heightened concern for the COVID-19, we need to be especially calm and patient during this time. Thank you for entrusting us with your pet’s care and for understanding the added precautions need to keep everyone safe and healthy.

-Thank you,

Your veterinary team at Alta View Vet. 

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